Air Filters

FRAM® Heavy Duty air filters offer extensive coverage for both on - and - off - highway applications with both traditional and radial seal designs. High efficiency heavy duty filter media dramatically reduces the amount of dirt passing through the filter, stops more dirt during the initial break-in period and provides exceptional overall contaminant removal.

The FRAM® brand is committed to providing products to enhance your engine‘s operating environment. Our filters are designed to match your engine requirements and to provide maximum protection.

Air Filter

Air Filter Features

  • FRAM® heavy duty air filters offer extensive coverage for both on- and off-highway applications with both traditional and radial seal designs.
  • Many have self-spaced pleat (SSP) technology to help eliminate pleat bunching and provide uniform pleat spacing for even distribution of contaminants and extended filter life.
  • FRAM heavy duty air filters use high-quality urethane gaskets for better filter-to-housing seal.
  • FRAM radial seal designs utilize urethane that provides balance between rigid and soft for a tighter seal while maintaining ease of installation.

Air Filter applications & tips:


Help eliminate the guesswork by determining when to change your air filter!

With available filter condition information from FRAM air filter service gauges, maintenance can be scheduled in advance. Elements are changed only when required, helping to reduce material and labor costs. You can take advantage of full filter service life.

Helps To:

  • Continuously monitor filter condition
  • Maintain graduated readings
  • Take uncertainty out of filter maintenance
  • Maximize filter life
  • Acts as a diagnostics tool
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Eliminate unexpected downtime
  • Reduce environmental impact from unnecessary filter change