FRAM® Oil Filters Feature Some Of The Highest Efficiency Ratings In The Industry

November 4th, 2008

Brand Explains Importance of Ratings and What's Inside Its Filters

AAPEX/SEMA, Las Vegas, Nov. 4, 2008 — There is little education in the industry regarding what constitutes a premium oil filter so the FRAM® team is working to educate consumers and technicians about the oil filter's primary role, the components that make up their filters and the importance of efficiency ratings. The FRAM oil filter is America's No. 1 consumers' choice and offers a wide range of premium application-specific oil filters with some of the industry's best efficiency ratings.

The oil filter's primary role is to prevent contamination from reaching the engine. To achieve that, motorists or technicians should use a filter with the best single-pass and multi-pass efficiency available.

Single-pass efficiency is the percent of contamination captured on the first pass through the filter. The higher the efficiency rating, the more contaminants it will trap on the first go round. For example, the FRAM® Extra Guard® oil filter provides a market-leading single pass efficiency of 96 percent for 10-20 micron particles.

Multi-pass efficiency continuously measures the efficiency of selected particle sizes throughout the filter's life. The FRAM® Tough Guard® oil filter, which utilizes a combination of cellulose and glass media, features a 99 percent multi-pass efficiency for 20 micron and greater particles. This means it continues to capture almost all of the 20 micron sized and greater contaminants and particulate matter that pass through the filter as the oil is re-circulated.

"Some filter manufacturers do not list efficiency ratings on their boxes," said Rick Widden, Vice President, Ignition and Filtration for Honeywell CPG. "We do so that consumers and technicians know what type of efficiency they will get with our products."

As for how an efficiency rating is achieved, the media inside an oil filter is the single most important material in determining the performance.

The media inside today's automobile oil filters is made of cellulose fibers. Other very fine synthetic fibers can be added to produce enhanced filtration properties. The number of pleats or size of the media does not have as much bearing on filtration efficiency as the design and quality of the media itself. With thicker, highly engineered quality media, the filter design may, in fact, call for fewer pleats to improve fluid flow and filter performance.

"Even though several filter medias may look the same to the naked eye, they can be very different in terms of performance and quality," said Widden. "At FRAM, we use a unique technology and a more expensive media in our oil filters."

The filter media, which in some cases feature metal screenbacks for additional protection, is held in place inside the oil filter canister by end caps and a special adhesive. Most end caps are made of metal, however, several FRAM filters feature cellulose fiber end caps.

Fiber end caps are a logical alternative to metal end discs. Like the fibrous filter media, they provide an excellent bonding surface for the adhesive providing a very robust seal. They have proven durability in FRAM filters for more than 45 years.

The FRAM brand makes a number of oil filters for motorists and shops to choose from. Designed for the everyday traveler, the FRAM® Extra Guard® oil filter offers 96 percent single pass efficiency, and the SureGrip® feature helps make it much easier to hold during installation and removal. For individuals that extend their oil change intervals, there is the FRAM® Extended Guard® oil filter. The filter provides optimum oil flow and durability, and features all the single pass efficiency of the FRAM® Extra Guard® oil filter but with higher dirt holding capacity. Its premium synthetic media blend is backed by a metal screen that helps achieve uniform pleating and added strength for increased durability.

For installations on older vehicles, there is the FRAM® High Mileage® oil filter, the first oil filter to feature a one-of-a-kind controlled delivery system, Time Release Technology. A specially formulated gel additive dissolves into the oil with every pass through the filter. Then, for motorists who are tough on their vehicles, there is the FRAM® Tough Guard® oil filter, which offers a 99 percent multi-pass efficiency at greater than 20 microns. It utilizes a combination synthetic glass and cellulose media, which provides exceptional filtration for the life of the filter. Some models offer a screen-over bypass valve to provide back up filtration during cold start ups and added protection against larger particles of dirt.

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