FRAM Heavy Duty Announces Lube and Fuel Filter Design Improvements

May 10th, 2012

FRAM® Heavy-Duty has made improvements, changes and enhancements to product designs as production is being consolidated into our facilities in Albion, IL. We are pleased to announce that these changes add extra benefits to the FRAM product line. Due to these changes, there may be visual differences on some of the Heavy-Duty Lube and Fuel filters listed below. Note: Overall fit, form, and function are not affected

External Differences:

  • Overall profile, e.g., height variances either shorter/longer profile construction
  • Drain valve added or style change -- where a drain valve existed on previous style, was hex/plug, now petcock style except where noted*

Internal Differences:

  • Mounting thread design change to inverted thread construction

Profile Comparison: New Design vs. Previous Design

Features & Benefits:

  • Longer/Shorter filter can height for several oil, fuel, and fuel/water separator filters, providing same OE or improved performance.
  • Several models now have heavy gauge steel tapping plates with inverted, roll-formed (versus cut) threads for added overall strength.
  • Some fuel/water separator filters now have a drain plug.

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