Controlled Delivery System From the FRAM® BRAND is Oil Filter First

March 4th, 2009

FRAM High Mileage® Filter Provides More Protection For Older Vehicles

Los Angeles, March 4, 2009 — Got a 1992 Ford F150 that has become your weekend road warrior? Or a souped up 2000 Honda Civic that has racked up 140,000 miles?

Enthusiasts know that modern vehicles can go the distance with proper maintenance — and that's why they buy them. According to data from the NPD Group, more than 65 percent of the vehicles on the road today have more than 75,000 miles.

However, as vehicles age, engines get dirtier and are more likely to contribute to poor performance, with effects such as decreased fuel efficiency, high oil consumption, increased exhaust emissions, and seal and gasket deterioration.

Enthusiasts can help protect their older vehicles with the FRAM High Mileage® oil filter, the first oil filter to feature a one-of-a-kind controlled delivery Time Release Technology (TRT™) system.

"With the FRAM-designed TRT system, a proprietary gel additive is inserted into the oil filter's center tube and is released over time into the oil to help maintain viscosity, reduce corrosive engine wear, neutralize acids and keep engine components cleaner," said Andrew Coccari, Director of Global Marketing, Filtration for Honeywell Consumer Products Group. "As a result, older engines stay clean longer and receive greater protection between oil changes."

Featuring 95 percent efficiency* the FRAM High Mileage oil filter releases a gel additive into the oil with every cycle through the filter. The additives in the filter's centertube dissolve precisely over time as the filtered oil flows past its louvered openings. The additive-enhanced oil then flows back into the engine to help protect against corrosive wear, deposits and viscosity buildup.

Available in stores at a cost range of $7 to $8, the FRAM High Mileage oil filter is available for 83 percent of the vehicles on the road with more than 75,000 miles. To find out which filter model is best for your vehicle, visit

Celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, the FRAM® oil filter is known as America's No. 1 Consumer's Choice. Today, the FRAM team continues to manufacture and market a wide variety of premium oil, air and fuel filters, such as the FRAM Fresh Breeze® cabin air filter and the FRAM® Tough Guard® oil filter. The brand also produces many automotive accessories such as PCV valves, crankcase filters and transmission modulators. With six North American R&D, manufacturing and marketing locations, FRAM engineers utilize state-of-the-art process control and automated inspection equipment to assure that their products meet rigorous internal and customer requirements. More information can be found online at